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Congrats to ADDTF for one solid year of reading comics naked.

Also, welcome back ADD and In Sequence.

Did I miss anyone?

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy 6th Annual International Read A Comic Book Naked Day! Don't have any reading material handy? No problem. There's plenty online to choose from.

This yearly schedule is grinding me down. It's time to pass the torch.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Happy Fifth Annual International Read A Comic Book Naked Day!

I wonder how many other blogs out there only post once a year. By dipping my toes in the pool once a year, can I still be considered an active blogger?

Happy Fifth Annual International Read A Comic Book Naked Day! Once again, literally many will curl up with a comic book pressed against their sticky thighs and bask in the loving embrace of some four-colour piece of trash. Odds are if you're reading this you have plenty of reading material already, but if you don't, here are a few classics you may have missed the first time around, available free for your roly-poly pleasure.

Hungry Like The Wolf. Using only stick figures, Stacie of Final Girl ushers in the next werewolf craze.

Jenifer. David Z. of Tomb It May Concern presents a fine tale of the macabre by Jones and Wrightson.

The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist. You can still catch this NSFW adventure in monochrome, courtesy of Curt of The Groovy Age of Horror.

For even more goodies, check out The Horror Blog.

Friday, March 03, 2006
Fourth Annual International Read A Comic Book Naked Day!

It's that time of the year again, where I dust off the good ship Flat Earth and entice you with the twin pleasures of nudity and comics. Below you will find every Free Comic Thursday entry from days gone by, compiled into one monster list for easy access. In addition, this year is so jam-packed with naked comic reading goodness that it's spilled over to my new digs at The House of Irony, where I've posted the remainder of the Free Comic Thursday links I never had the opportunity to post here.

So get your bits and pieces out of the cold and into some comics where they belong!

Centaurs. Excerpts and full stories from the greatest sub-genre specific comic site in existence.

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. Benign post-apocalyptic manga gem.

The Monster of Dread End. Genuinely creepy comic by Little Lulu maestro John Stanley.

Gumballhead the Cat. Melt it down and shoot it up.

Donald Duck. Rarities as published in premiums and elsewhere.

Shel Silverstein. Early gag work by the noted Playboy artist and author of books for children.

Krigstein. Unfortunately murky representations of one of comics' greatest craftsmen.

Rare Bill Watterson. Dribs and drabs from throughout the career of the Calvin and Hobbes artist.

Kirby Monster Comics. The other King of monsters.

Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index. All the venom that's fit to print.

Mickey Mouse newspaper strip. By Floyd Gottfredson, one of comics' many unknown soldiers.

Congorilla. There aren't nearly enough comics about four-armed purple alien gorillas these days.

Nick Cross and more Nick Cross. Spumco animator extraordinaire dabbles in the sequential arts.

Torchy. Ditzy humour by the legendary Gill Fox.

White Boy and co. Kevin Huizenga serves up an odd assortment of comic goodness.

Fred Hembeck and The Hembeck Files. I'm compiling this list in appreciation of Mr. Hembeck's past encouragement. Blame him.

Male Call. Milton Caniff's little-seen and racy military gag strip.

Letitia Lerner, Superman's Babysitter. Kyle Baker's Eisner award winning controversy.

Family Circus. Greatest comic ever.

Salgood Sam. Montreal's finest.

Lady Luck and more Lady Luck. Golden Age adventure from Nick Cardy and Klaus Nordling, respectively.

Sody Pop. Short and bouncy Spumco strip.

They Called Me-- Man-Hater!. A little slice of romance comic heaven by Nick Cardy and World's Greatest Super-hero writer, Bob Haney.

Undecided Heart. An Alex Toth tearjerker.

Alex Toth fansite. Selected stories from the comics maestro, many with annotations by the artist.

Cancelled Comic Cavalcade. Bits and pieces.

Cannonball Vs Nimrod: Cold Robot, Cold Hearts! Mike Robot's classic X-Men saga.

These Changing Times. Archie meets feminism, with lovely art by Harry Lucey.

Golden Age Romance Comics Archive. An indispensible selection of cover-to-cover tearjerkers.

I Had To Be Tamed. The title of this Charlton romance says it all.

My Bloody Valentine. Open source comic character Jenny Everywhere juggles inifinite suitors.

Over 75 classic stories featuring Superman and co. Including the first appearances of Krypto, Supergirl and the Super-Sons.

Kiraz. NOT WORK SAFE offerings by the reknowned Playboy artist.

Tijuana Bibles. NOT WORK SAFE pornographic fan-fiction from the first half of the 20th century.

Loxie and Zoot. NOT WORK SAFE sweet naturalist fun and adventure.

Thursday, March 03, 2005
Third Annual International Read A Comic Book Naked Day!

Here's a few Silver Age treasures to keep you and your dangly bits inside where it's warm.

Kirby Monster Comics. Over 200 Pages of comics That Walk Like A Man!

Congorilla. Glorious team-up with a purple alien gorilla with four arms.

Jimmy Olsen. If you click only one link...

Have a happy International Read A Comic Book Naked Day!

Friday, June 18, 2004
I'm not leaving this place, unless I'm leaving with you

While the "comic blogosphere" already seems to devote itself to a wide variety of topics within the medium, there are still a number of nooks and crannies that it would be great to see pursued. Thrillmer, a new blog devoted primarily to adventure comic strips, is one such animal and I not only expect to be an avid reader of this blog into the future, but hope that the "blogosphere" continues to expand as the years progress. Hey, he had me at Little Orphan Annie.

The enigma that is potrzebie demystified? Scroll down, Melvin.

Shawn Hoke's The Wall takes a look at Turok fan and punk rock cartoonist Gary Panter and his upcoming opus, Jimbo in Purgatory. The Wall is not simply the only comic column to link to Flat Earth, but also the only one worthy enough to do so. May the blood on your hands be the blood of a king, Shawn.

My erstwhile creation, Jenny Everywhere, gets the ABSOLUTELY NOT WORK SAFE Tijauna Bible treatment in Jenny Everywhere Gets Around. Somehow I feel as if I've made it to the big leagues, yet I also feel somewhat dirty at the same time.

Free Comic Thursday - Tijuana Bibles

Oh, Boy. ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NOT WORK SAFE. In fact, like it says on the front page of this site devoted to the study of the Tijuana Bible, "If you are offended by depictions of sodomy, bestiality, "alternative sexual practices," racial and ethnic stereotypes, or just about anything else, you should leave now." And you better believe it.

If you're one of the other 1% of the populace that isn't overly offended by the above, there are 61 of these comic curiosities waiting to be read, with 21 entries dedicated to your favourite comic and cartoon characters bumping uglies, including Captain Easy, Terry and the Pirates, Maggie and Jiggs, The Bungle Family, and many others. In addition you'll find numerous essays detailing this near-forgotten pornographic phenomenon. The one featuring Thimble Theater's J. Wellington Wimpy is by far my favourite, and may very well be one of the greatest comics I have ever read.

Thursday, June 17, 2004
I'm off to save the world once again, but I don't know how I'll pull it off this time.

You can't take it away from me now! Bwahahahahahahahaha!

After the convocation I went up to grab a robe and take some pictures (including one taken among a group of trees where I tried to emulate Sasquatch, but as if Sasquatch had a diploma). I bodychecked one of my co-workers and fellow grads, O., who was also jockeying for a robe. He turned to me and said, in front of my girlfriend and mother, "Hey, Steve. So, you decided to put your clothes back on." Uh oh! Hilarity ensues!

Animation legend and trickster Floyd Norman gives us the scoop on Milt Kahl, one of my two favourites of Disney's Nine Old Men. I've just started rereading John Canemaker's book on the Nine concurrently with Illusion of Life and was hoping to explain what each book has done for me, but alas, time runs short here at Flat Earth. Just finished Jack Kinney's book Walt Disney and Assorted Other Characters, in addition to flipping through multiple Disney Treasures (thanks to J.'s parents for giving me On The Front Lines for my grad, though I would have appreciated a Precious Moments figure just as much). Interesting stuff, all.

Bigshot Stephen Worth lends a little historical insight into the kind of beautiful animation desk only the animation geeks among us could ejaculate over.

Speaking of which, Stephen Worth that is, not ejaculation, I've always enjoyed reading his posts on various animation message boards and now we all can enjoy the blog he's set up for ASIFA-Hollywood's Animation Archive Project. If you have any interest in the history of animation, please check it out. Via Cartoon Brew, who, with this post, show that they are truly the Flat Earth of animation blogs. Hey, they even mention the next show I'll be working on.

Lil' Welland (that's Ottawa to you) animation correspondent Janet Hetherington clocks in with a look at Steve Rude's attempts at making Nexus the next Johnny Quest, including model sheets and storyboards for your perusal. Like the man says, this party is awesome!

This just in! Ottawa's animation fest just got better, with an amateur animation jamboree known as the Pixilation Project. Sleep is for the weak.

"Come take part in one of the most exciting OIAF events open to young and old. Throughout the festival, Gary Schwartz will be hosting a do-it-yourself project where festival attendees will be given the opportunity to animate to a pre-recorded soundtrack, following the audio frame by frame utilizing exposure sheets. This is your invitation to total insanity. The results will be captured on the LunchBox Sync Multireel from Animation Toolworks and the highlights will be screened at the closing ceremonies Sept. 26, 7:00pm."

Flat Earth Punk of the Month Billy the K. was kind enough to send me a link which proves that Donald Duck actually appeared a few years prior to his supposed debut in The Wise Little Hen ("Won't you help me plant mah co-o-o-orn?"). For some reason trying to get into Fumetti (one of the sharp comic bloggers' best kept secrets) has crashed my computer recently, so proceed with caution. Here's the text that Billy sent me. Thanks, man!

"The first "Donald Duck" on the Mickey Mouse Annual # 3, 1931, three years before he was officially born. Just click the image to take a look at it."

Boy, if you came here looking for yet another look at Marvel's solicitations, you sure came to the wrong place. 'Tis truly the day of animating Steves and Stephens!

Free Comic Thursday - More Donald Duck

A year's worth of Sunday strips by Al Taliaferro.

"Won't you help me plant mah co-o-o-orn?"

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Oh yeah! When I finally get my demo reel together, I am so applying for a job on Krypto!

Free Comic Thursday - Krypto

Superman.ws has over 75 Superman and Superman-related tales online for a rainy afternoon, including a fair number of goofy ones along with the classics. Among them are two Krypto-centric tales, including Krypto's first appearance with Superboy, The Super-Dog from Krypton, and love is in the air for the Dog of Steel in Who Was That Dog I Saw You With Last Night?